dear husband

I’m cranky with Husband today.   It’s the last day of my cycle so I guess it could just be PMS,  but I swear he is being unusually man-gross and annoying.   Sometimes I think it’s not that we get crazy with hormones, but that men can sense the hormone surge somehow and it makes them crazy… like perfume…but different.  You would think that as much as I want to have a child, it wouldn’t irritate me so much when he acts like one.   I kinda want to ship him off to sensitivity camp for a couple days so I can be left alone with my boyfriends Ben & Jerry to mourn the end of my cycle in peace.  But instead I choose to rise up out of my crankypants and share about a cute thing he does around this time of the month.

When Day 28 rolls around and my temperature drops, my mood usually drops with it.   About every other cycle, the ritual in our house goes something like this:   I get sad and/or angry about another “lost month”, and Husband gets confused and says something that pisses me off like “What’s wrong with you?”   This leads to growling and crying from me, and eventually I get on my bike and disappear for a while until I can calm down and be able to look at him without turning into Medusa.   By the time I reappear,   he is gone (smart man).   I melt  into the couch and cry over funny youtube videos of babies and cats for a while.   Then, Husband returns home with his arms loaded down with groceries so he can make dinner for me.  Among those groceries, there is always a little plant.   A lot of guys bring flowers home as a peace offering when they are scared of you or need to apologize,  but this little ‘offering’ is more than that.   He brings me a little plant when I’m pissed off about not being pregnant  so that I have something alive that I can take care of and grow.

Needless to say, we have a lot of little plants.

I’m a lucky girl.



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  1. melissa
    Jul 10, 2011 @ 16:37:07

    As that’s really cute and sweet…also your theory of men around the end of our cycles? Totally brilliant and quite possibly true!


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